Lesson 9 – Our Mission

I’d like to apologize for being late with this lesson. We have changed to an audio-only format. We hope you enjoy listening to the discussion with the player below.

We’d appreciate hearing from you. Please write to us.

Here is the written Sabbath School Lesson 9 for August 23-29


2 thoughts on “Lesson 9 – Our Mission

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the change to “Audio Only”. The fact is It is not possible “For Me” to interact with “Audio Only” You may have missed this. Today is Thursday 5, 2014. We are, ipso facto , One day away from completing Lesson 10. The lesson you’ve posted is Lesson 9. I understand that “things happen”. Thanks again for your notice of change to “Audio Only”. DEM.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. We will be posting Lesson 10 as soon as we decide whether or not this audio format is working for people. It sounds like you’re having trouble with this audio player. Would an old fashioned RSS feed with MP3 enclosures be better for you?

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