Lesson 9 – Christ, the Law and the Gospel

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Lesson 9 for May 24-30


3 thoughts on “Lesson 9 – Christ, the Law and the Gospel

  1. It sounds like the audio-version of this lesson is based on #10, “Christ, the Law, and the Covenants” and not #9 “Christ, the Law, and the Gospel.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. At the start of the audio file, Pastor Russell tells an introductory story and before introducing the guests, he says “What do the Scriptures really say about Christ, the Law, and the Gospel.” Are you finding something different when you click the link?

  3. That’s what I get in the link too; however, most of the discussion deals with Christ the law and the covenants and looks at the texts in Hebrews, which are for next week. I didn’t hear much about the “gospel”; however the two are closely related. He did mention at the end that they had been discussing the law, the covenants and the gospel. It’s the right lesson, just seemed more like for next week. Thanks for getting back with me. Christina

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