The God of Grace and Judgment

God is a God of justice, and justice demands judgment. God is also a God of grace.

The Holy Bible is replete with references to God being a God of Grace and Judgment.  Although sin is permitted to continue, someday soon God will put an end to sin.  But judgment precedes that final phase of sin.  Everyone, sinners saved by grace and sinners chose not to be saved, “will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Although God must judge and condemn sin, the promise of grace is always there, always present, always available for those who will claim it for themselves.

More than declaring a sinner is guilty of not accepting God’s love, the judgment concept reverberates in the halls of human history that God is love.  Find out more about it in this week’s Scriptural Pursuit.

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Lesson 4 for January 21-27

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