Conformity, Compromise, and Crisis in Worship

Some seem to think that the more sounds they make, the louder the music, the more emotional excitement generated, the better the worship service. Yet, that is not what worship is about. Worship, however, must lead a worshiper to God and facilitate fellowship among the worshipers.

The book of Revelation proclaims to the last generation a message of warning, a call to obedience, and a call to worship the Creator God. As with Elijah on Carmel, people will in a very dramatic way have to make the most important choice of their lives, a choice that is filled with truly eternal consequences. The good news is that, even before these final events unfold, we can make daily choices that will greatly prepare us to be on the Lord’s side when the climactic battle between good and evil unfolds among the nations. Hopefully, this Scriptural Pursuit discussion will help you discern the right way to worship the Creator God, the Ruler of the universe.

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Lesson 8 for August 13-19
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