The Sabbath and Worship

Worship, an experience common to most human beings, is the Scriptural Pursuit discussion topic for July, August and September 2011. We worship God, not ourselves; hence, worship must be about Him, about giving glory to Him, and not about music, culture, or worship styles. Worship should be permeated by a sense of reverence and awe for our God, an attitude that will give us the humility and surrender so needed for true worship. Worship affords an opportunity to recognize who God is and to realize who you are in relationship to God. These and many other Biblical concepts of worship will be discussed in a panel moderated by Glenn Russell.

This week’s lesson, The Sabbath and Worship, will take a look at how and why the Sabbath commandment and Creation and Redemption are at the foundation of all biblical truth, and they are so important that we have been ordered to keep the Sabbath as a reminder of these truths. From Eden, where the seventh day was first set aside, up until now, there have been people who have worshiped the Lord through keeping the seventh-day Sabbath holy.

God in His great wisdom has given us the Sabbath as a day set aside for worship, a day to spend in honor and praise of Him. Watch the discussion for more details relevant to your life today.

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Lesson 3 for July 9-15
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One thought on “The Sabbath and Worship

  1. It is your enquiry,
    “why the Sabbath commandment and Creation and Redemption are at the foundation of all biblical truth,”

    The before hand answer must be the ultimate in redemption, not so?

    Which ultimate redemption is Jesus Christ in and through resurrection from the dead, _HIS_ resurrection, “On the Sabbath Day” according to Matthew 28:1.

    WHY is it we NEVER hear about this fundamental of Christian Sabbath-faith?

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