Worship and the Exodus: Understanding Who God Is

Worship, an experience common to most human beings, is the Scriptural Pursuit discussion topic for July, August and September 2011. We worship God, not ourselves; hence, worship must be about Him, about giving glory to Him, and not about music, culture, or worship styles. Worship should be permeated by a sense of reverence and awe for our God, an attitude that will give us the humility and surrender so needed for true worship. Worship affords an opportunity to recognize who God is and to realize who you are in relationship to God. These and many other Biblical concepts of worship will be discussed in a panel moderated by Glenn Russell.

This week’s Scriptural Pursuit will look at early accounts of the people group called children of Israel and how their encounters with the Lord reveal to us more about the nature and the character of the God we profess to serve and worship. After all, what sense does it make to worship what we do not know?

Having been slaves for nearly four hundred years, their dwarfed intellect couldn’t fathom the invisible God compared to the Egyptian pantheon represented by various idols. God revealed Himself in various ways to communicate His Being and character to His people. In Egypt the people had obeyed their masters out of fear; now they would learn that true worship flows from a heart filled with love and gratitude to the One who alone has power to deliver and save.

True worship is character­ized by the awareness and acknowledgment of the infinite greatness of God and our aspiration to know Him better. The true worshiper will refuse to accept substitutes for God, also known as idols.

How do we express our devotion in an intimate, yet respectful, man­ner?

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Lesson 2 for July 2-8
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